My name is Zulmad, 24 hour mom, creator and director of Angelez Fashion Boutique, the name is due to my daughter Zulmar de los Angeles.

 Since my teens I have considered that feeling good is related to how we look and therefore helps us improve self-esteem, that is why fashion has always been one of my passions and I have been related to it since I lived in my country Venezuela . In 2016, due to the political situation in my country and the safety of myself and my family, we had no other option but to move to the United States with my husband and daughter, and in search of following my passion, I started the venture with a brand of artisan jewelry. handmade "Angels Bijoux Collection" that I have been expanding little by little with accessories, clothes and shoes that can be adapted to the style of each one of us, that is why today I present this space where we will share ideas on how to enhance your beauty with simple tips to create your Outfits and make you look pretty day by day.

I hope you are happy to enjoy this space designed with love for you.

Thank you

Hugs and kisses.


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