The charm of handmade jewelry

by Zulmad Antolinez on August 05, 2020

Hello my dear readers, today I am going to tell you about a topic that is not unrelated to the topic of Jewelry Trends, and that has been on the rise for some time, it is artisanal or handmade jewelry. As you already know, the world of fashion is constantly evolving, designers are always in search of new ideas, places, scents, people, among others, that inspire us to create something new, beautiful and totally unique.

To design and create we generally start from inspiration, many designers today find inspiration by returning to nothing more and nothing less than our roots . This is how handmade jewelry gets the necessary boost to be considered an essential fashion accessory for any fashionista to complement outfits .

 Handcrafted jewelry gives an alternative to many people who, despite wearing jewelry in their set of accessories, always look for something different , that is where it takes center stage. It is known by this name, due to the fact that no industrial machine is included in its production , but rather it is made completely by hand by its creators, known as artists or artisans .

More and more women are opting for handmade jewelry when choosing accessories to go with their clothing, mainly because each piece is unique and unrepeatable. This term refers to the making of accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, among others; all of these with different colors, textures, seeds, metals, glass, mother of pearl, seashells, pearls, threads, fibers, wires, wood and/or leather.

Generally, predominant elements are taken from their culture, traditional materials or not; This, in the search for a successful combination, that results in a unique piece with an unmatched plus.

Today, many renowned jewelry designers have chosen to return to their roots and exploit the field of artisanal jewelry. We are talking about direct contact between the designer and the artisan, resulting in unique and incredible pieces . Entire collections with an air of freshness linked to the traditions of the artisan or designer's place of origin.

This is intended to revolutionize the world of jewelry and change the perception of the concept of “craft” – and believe me, it is being achieved! – perfectly combining traditional techniques with modern designs .

Furthermore, this helps the communities with which they collaborate, not only boosting their economy, but also making their culture known through the art of jewelry .

In this context, Latin America has a lot to give , as an example we can mention countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Eucador, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala, among others, which are taking firm steps promoting artisanal fashion , providing information and advice to all artisans. , and also opening the doors for designers to meet and collaborate with artisans, and to forge a lasting relationship .

Although at the beginning, it can be a difficult process, due to the location of the artisans, who often live in places that are difficult to access, and because of the language barrier (many artisans belong to indigenous communities), it is worth it, since the quality products, with a high cultural value.

Handmade jewelry is designed for those people, men or women, who want to get out of the routine , and seek to express a unique, different and striking style .

Artisanal jewelry not only seeks to exalt handmade work, but also care for the environment. Each piece created is designed through a sustainable model, in which not only the designer and artisan benefits, but also the environment. So why wear something just because it's beautiful? Isn't it better to use something beautiful that also protects the environment? – Believe me, you are going to feel amazing!

As I explained at the beginning of this post, the handmade jewelry pieces are made with original and native products . Each piece tells its own story, it is unique and no two are the same, the person who uses them may rightly think that that piece is specially designed for them – and it is – so you will never worry about someone else using it. the same as you.

Furthermore, if you are a lover of culture, native things, nature, in short, of life, these pieces are perfect for you!

Don't wait any longer, give a handmade touch to your jewelry collection and acquire unique pieces that enhance your style.

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